About Honored 2 Serve

About Honored2Serve

The Honored2Serve brand originates from our team’s 30 year history of working closely with our country’s military to produce one of a kind books and photo products that honor deployed service members’ experiences while away from home. Our team has traveled all over the world, documenting those who have served for the freedom of our nation. Throughout the years, we’ve received request after request for personal mementos.  There was significant interest in meaningful ways to recognize service - and the Honored2Serve concept was born! We have developed a one of a kind library of resources to expand our services and provide truly unique gifts and memorabilia with extensive personalization options.


Over the years, we have come to know the intense sacrifice of service members and their families. It is our mission to create uniquely personalized, high-quality, and original keepsakes to honor that time spent in a meaningful way.


Our team is dedicated to offering a collection of artwork and imagery specific to your unit, ship, or squadron. We know that every service member’s career is unique, and we aim to create products to celebrate that experience. As our offerings and team continue to grow, one thing stays the same: Our mission to recognize and honor those who serve is the heart and soul of the company. Our gratitude and appreciation for you is the purpose of the Honored2Serve team.

Why the name honored to serve?

Honored2Serve was chosen because it genuinely reflects our core mission and values, and conveys our focus. The impact that each and every service member delivers is so critical and cannot be overstated. We have seen the commitment that those that serve feel about their duty; a commitment to something greater than themselves. There is honor in serving. We believe the Honored2Serve name reflects the power, meaning, and weight of serving the United States of America.